Interviewed with Blizzard

I had an interview with Blizzard last week on Tuesday (March 26th) and feel that it went well. I tried to fight off being nervous days before it came but couldn’t. Four inspiring designers I look up to were on the call and the interview seemed to cover three areas.

  • First. Information about my current projects and also the design I did for Blizzard.
  • Second. They asked me questions about design¬†principles, my design process, and my values as far as web principles go.
  • Third. A question and “quick” answer. They would ask me questions and I had to answer them with whatever came to mind, quickly.

They closed with me asking them whatever questions about Blizzard Entertainment.

I enjoyed the interview. When I’m nervous I tend to ramble and feel there were moments when I gave a longer answer than was needed. Also there was one question they asked where I drew a blank (What design principles do you value most when working on a project?) and I felt small. Of course after the interview was over, my brain worked much better and I knew what I “would” have said. It wasn’t too big of a deal and I’m sure they understand.

Overall I was honored to talk with designers I look up to and hope to receive the internship opportunity at Blizzard Entertainment. If I don’t receive the internship, I’ll still be glad to have talked with such inspiring designers and seek to improve myself daily so I can be better prepared for future job / internship opportunities.


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