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My new portfolio site / blog. I haven’t created a site for myself for quite some time and decided it was a good time to do so now. Also, I’m [...]


Kevin and Louise

This is a blog I created for my wonderful wife to post images of anything and everything she’d like. I take a lot of pictures at family events but never [...]


Enspark Logo

Photoshop treatment I did to the Enspark logo. Enspark is a company a good friend of mine works for. Software Used: Photoshop


Ashton Chase

A design I made of my brother Ashton. I took pictures of him leaping through the air then used Photoshop to make him look awesome. Software Used: Photoshop


Adam Nacho

My uncle asked me to make a design of him with his head on Nacho’s body from Nacho Libre. I did a quick-work job of it but it gives the [...]


Experimental – Heidi

A very good friend of mine had some pictures taken of her and I asked if I could use one to make a design. I never fully finished it, but [...]