AAA Credit Guide

This was a composition I created for AAA Credit Guide. They didn’t use it and I adjusted the design to something very different. I like the color in this design [...]


Consumer Crew

Another website I designed while working at Box Elements. Software Used: Photoshop


Very Jane

I started a venture with some friends and created a web company for a short time. While working there I designed this website. After 4 months of working to build [...]


Kevin Gent’s Blog v2

I created a new blog for myself in WordPress instead of Drupal. This is what the design looked like. It wasn’t a too impressive site. I created this version as [...]


Haxorbox v4

This is a website I created for myself to test my abilities at the time in Flash. Before I started doing web design professionally, I called myself Haxorbox based off [...]


College Terrace Apartments

A long while back I created a Flash website for a college apartment complex. I got to climb on the roof and take photos with a friend of mine. Software [...]