May 2021
UI / UX, Branding

Creating and sending offer letters can be cumbersome. This side project with some friends was to make it quick and easy.

Brand Design - Art Direction - Front End Development - User Experience Design - Visual Design

An HR professional brought me this idea and I lept on it immediately. I did all of the design and branding at first and then brought on a good friend to speed up the process.
We put together a holistic user flow to be sure we addressed every aspect of what we would need for MVP. After taking our MVP to various companies, additions and updates were made to be sure we addressed the biggest pain points.
Every aspect of the project was designed to be mobile-first and included a website, admin tools, a backend for customers, and a dashboard to provide details into offer letter need-to-knows.
Various Projects
Jane is a daily deal boutique marketplace that gives companies of various sizes a platform to sell their products and grow their businesses.
Split Inertia
A fast action multiplayer space battle game. Check out my passion project where I learn a ton about making games.
A small branding exploration for some friends. Took a few days to build out a simple style and website concept.