Director of Product Design

A small project with friends, turned into a bootstrapped and wildly successful business.

Brand Design - Data Visualization - Art Direction - Front End Development - User Experience Design - Visual Design

I designed a marketplace that helped small and large boutiques all over the US get attention. Lots of it.
Almost everything was created in-house. A retail website, mobile app, our internal tools, branding, and a seller platform where our customers could manage and post deals themselves.
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Jane grew from a team of 3 to over 180 employees. The business was a massive success and I will forever love my friends and time I spent at Jane.
I'm always happy to talk about my experiences and the designs that I created while at Jane.
Various Projects
Split Inertia
A fast action multiplayer space battle game. Check out my passion project where I learn a ton about making games.
A small branding exploration for some friends. Took a few days to build out a simple style and website concept.
Side gig with some friends to make offer letters easier to put together and send in seconds from any device.