Split Inertia

May 2021
Game Designer / VFX

Asteroids on steroids. A fast-paced outer-space competitive multiplayer battle game. (wip)

Game Design - VFX - 3D Modeling - Texturing - Sound Design - Unity

I've been taking time here and there to flex my game design and UI muscles. This project is based off a game I loved to play as a kid as well as the retro game Asteroids.
A modern twist and a whole lot of visual updates are just a few of the ideas brought to life here. The goal is to have an exciting multiplayer competitive experience that you can enjoy with friends and family.
It's not often I adventure out of Product Design. This has been not only a breath of fresh air but another way for me to grow as a UI artist for games.
More to come as time progresses. I'm happy to show off live demos of the game as well as share out some of my music explorations made for the game.
Various Projects
Jane is a daily deal boutique marketplace that gives companies of various sizes a platform to sell their products and grow their businesses.
A small branding exploration for some friends. Took a few days to build out a simple style and website concept.
Side gig with some friends to make offer letters easier to put together and send in seconds from any device.